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Walter Lechner

Lechner Racing Porsche Supercup

Triple Header a Special Challenge for Lechner Racing at Porsche Supercup

The fifth race of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2021 at Spa-Francorchamps is the beginning of a very challenging triple header with a total of four races within three successive weekends. For Lechner Racing Team Principal and CEO Robert Lechner it was therefore important that his squad got some well deserved rest during the rather short summer break: “We really focussed on recharging our batteries to be as well prepared as possible and full of energy for the upcoming three weekends, which will be both demanding and very interesting at the same time. There are still a lot of points to be won in all categories, but it will be a very intense time for both men and machinery, for the team, the drivers and the cars.”  

Three trucks are transporting the five cars of BWT Lechner Racing and Lechner Racing Middle East all over Europe, from Austria to Belgium, where the Spa race in the historical track in the Ardennes mountains is always a highlight of the season, then to Zandvoort in the Netherlands, where the Supercup will make a debut together with Formula One´s return to the circuit after more than 30 years, and then to the great final in Monza/Italy, with two races scheduled to finally crown the Supercup champion 2021.

Organizing all this would already be a quite demanding task under normal circumstances, under Covid-19 conditions it takes even more time and effort: “We have to fill out quite a lot of forms for every team member to enter every country, all the test protocols have to be exactly followed – and of course you always hope that you won´t have any positive case coming up, which would complicate things further”, says Lechner Racing Team Manager Michael Schöch. 

Not coming home between races means you have to plan well ahead in terms of spare parts, organizing travel schedules for everybody and  still react quickly to any upcoming incidents. “Generally you always have to be ahead mentally”, explains Schöch. “While we are just coming to Spa, I am already thinking and planning about Zandvoort – and so on. And all the time you hope of course that there will be no bigger damage to the cars to make it more difficult. But on the other hand we can´t tell the drivers to be too careful. They still have to attack to be able to get some decent results.”

Back-to-back races also require a deviation from normal protocol in terms of preparing the cars for the next race: “Normally we pack up and leave the track quite quickly on Sunday afternoon and prepare the cars at home in the factory for the next race. Now the mechanics do this job already at the track and we only leave on Monday midday directly for the next track. We deliberately don´t want to leave this work until arriving at the next venue – there are always things that can happen on the journey, things can get delayed, and then you would come under time pressure...”  

Most of the Lechner drivers have been to Spa already this year: Dylan Pereira, who comes to the race with the boost of a podium finish in the GTE-Am class at the 24 hours of Le Mans, has finished second here as well in the French Porsche Carrera Cup, an event JB Simmenauer and Nicolas Misslin have already participated in. Porsche Supercup 21 season podium finisher Ayhancan Güven has raced here already in the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany, so only Tio Ellinas has had a longer break in his Spa experience, having raced here in 2019 for the last time. 

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