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Lechner Racing Porsche Supercup

Rather Useless Free Practice Session at Spa-Francorchamps due to Weather

The typical Spa weather made the free practice session for the seventh round of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2020  in Belgium rather useless: Due to a few Red Flags in the F2 qualifying before, the session already got underway with a 15 minutes delay, with dark clouds already moving in and only the first ten minutes being completely dry. Soon a slight drizzle set in which became worse and worse by the minute, developing into a heavy downpour. So with about 20 minutes to go, race control decided to stop the event, as it was getting more and more dangerous on the flooded track. 

So times and results didn´t say too much in the end, as a lot depended on who had pushed immediately, gotten a clean lap – or still had other things to sort out in the beginning. Dylan Pereira from Team BWT Lechner Racing, for example, had to go “a bit slow in the beginning, as we had new driveshafts in the car, while some of the others were already pushing. We also used old tyres for this, so P5 doesn´t worry me. It would have been nice to have two or three more laps to check out a few things, but in general the car feels okay, so I am looking forward to tomorrow”, said the Spa winner from 2019. “The forecast tends more to the dry side at the moment, but it´s Spa, so you never know...” 

Pereira´s teammate Jaxon Evans finished in P13, but due to the circumstances, was nevertheless in a joking mood: “This could probably rather have been a water-skiing competition – or one of these boat races in the pit lane. Somehow this is the wrong “spa” – I wouldn´t mind a nice one to relax in”, the Porsche Junior from New Zealand was grinning. 

Leon Köhler in the MSG-Porsche of Team Lechner Racing Middle East ended up in P7, but having not much experience on this difficult track, he would have liked to get a few more laps in: “I only drove one day here in the past, so I had hoped for a bit more useful practice time. But it is as it is – so I just have to see to get a good lap together tomorrow.” His teammate JB Simmenauer was 14th, having one lap deleted due to track limits. “At least I could get a bit of a feeling for the car, but qualifying will be a challenge for everybody. But I am still confident we will find a good set-up, as I trust the huge experience of the team.”  

French driver Nicolas Misslin , who again is  a guest driver for the team this weekend, finished in P18, “but I could not really attack on my only real fast lap, as I was stuck in traffic. But at least I was able to refresh some of my knowledge about the track, as it changed quite a bit since I drove here the last time.” 

Team principal Walter Lechner just said that  “you can´t call this a proper practice session anyway. With so few laps today, qualifying will be a bit of a gamble tomorrow, but I hope that we will be able to find a good set up under all possible conditions and fight for pole position again like last year, when Dylan claimed it for us here. But it will not be easy, as a lot of our main competitors have even more experience than us here, due to the national championships they are racing in.”

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