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Walter Lechner

Lechner Racing Porsche Supercup

Podium Finish for BWT Lechner Driver Jaxon Evans at Silverstone

Another podium finish for BWT Lechner Racing: Porsche Junior Jaxon Evans came home third behind Larry Ten Voorde and Max van Splunteren in the fourth race of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2020 at Silverstone, while Dylan Pereira kept the lead in the championship with P6. Four Lechner cars finished within the Top Ten.

Starting from P3,  Evans tried to get past van Splunteren immediately, but just did not manage, as the two Dutch guys in the front showed perfect teamwork. “Later I tried during the whole race, but there was just no way past. I think it was obvious that I could have gone quite a bit faster, but it is very difficult to overtake if the driver ahead of you does not make a mistake, and I did not want to take too much of a risk”, said the New Zealander. “But I am quite happy being back on the podium, it is a good basis for next weekend. I hope we can improve the car a bit more until then and fight for a win.”

His BWT Lechner Racing teammate Dylan Pereira hat the same problem with another Dutchman, Jaap van Lagen: “I tried to put pressure on him over the whole race, pushing him into a mistake – but he did not make one. It is quite well known that in this series if you start in the midfield you normally cannot make up more than one or two positions. I also had to keep an eye on the championship situation, had to score at least some points.  A DNF is the last thing you need”, the 23-year-old from Luxembourg stated. “We had changed the set-up of the car for the race, as I was not happy with it before. It felt quite a bit better now, so I hope next weekend I can qualify a bit higher to be able to attack in the race.”

Leon Köhler in the MSG-Porsche of Team Lechner Racing Middle East finished in P9 on track, but was not too happy with his race: “In the beginning I lost two positions when Dylan and I touched in a very unfortunate situation. Then the car ahead of me probably had an engine problem, I got a lot of oil on my windscreen, couldn´t see properly anymore and had to back off a bit. In the end Güven hit me and got by this way...” At least the last fact was recognized by the stewards, who decided that Güven should have given the position back and re-installed the young German in P8.

His teammate JB Simmenauer finished in P10 after having a difficult start into the race: “It was a pity I could not overtake at the beginning, as the guy in front of me closed the door everywhere. Then the speed was not too bad, but my main problem is still qualifying. That´s what I have to work on in the next weeks.”

Guest starters Berkay  Besler and Julian Hanses finished in P11 and 14, the German being a bit angry with himself: “I must have fallen asleep at the start – something that really should not have happen.” He dropped back to P19, but then fought his way back to P14, holding the record of overtakings in this race: “The speed was actually not too bad, that´s one good thing.”

Team principal Walter Lechner had been realistic from the very beginning: “I knew that today´s race would be mainly about damage limitation. That turned out to be the case – but with a podium and all six cars finishing I cannot be too unhappy. With regard to next week, I hope we will be more competitive from the beginning, as we found a few things over the course of the weekend. Also our two guest starters gained quite some experience now in terms of track knowledge, which they hopefully will be able to put to good use.”

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