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Walter Lechner

Lechner Racing Porsche Supercup

Michael Ammermüller and BWT Lechner Racing Chasing Two Titles at Mexico

After an already very successful year with winning the driver and team title in the German Porsche Carrera Cup, Lechner Racing can crown the 2019 season this weekend with also claiming these two prestigious championships in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. The two decisive races at the season´s final at the “Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez” at Mexico-City see the driver´s title very well in reach for defending champion Michael Ammermüller of BWT Lechner Racing, while his pink squad is also the clear favourite for the team´s title.

Ammermüller claimed the championship here during the last two years, a fact that gives him quite a bit of confidence: “I like the track, I always performed quite well here. And this time, my advantage of 14 points against Larry ten Voorde and 18 against my teammate Julien Andlauer is even a bit bigger than what I had in the past two years.” But nevertheless, the 33-year-old Bavarian takes nothing for granted. “Still everything has to go right – and you never know in racing. I will mainly focus on not making any mistakes, on delivering my best. Everything else is really out of my hands.” 

Of course claiming his third Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup title in a row would be a fantastic achievement for Ammermüller, but he wants to make sure not to think too far ahead: “It´s still too far away. You have to take the weekend step by step. I have to admit, even with all my experience, the final weekend of a championship is always a bit different to a normal race weekend. Everything depends on this very moment, you can lose a lot. So you have to approach it in a way that you don´t add additional pressure on yourself.” Especially as the conditions like the high altitude of Mexico City of more than 2200 meters above sea level creates special challenges: “The start for example is rather tricky, we have less power due to the thinner air, that means also less acceleration. From 0 to 100 km/h takes about one second longer than usual.  You have to be aware of these kind of things and include them into your calculations...”

In the team championship, BWT Lechner Racing carries a 56-point lead towards its closest follower, Martinet by ALMERAS, and considering the strong performances of Ammermüller and Andlauer over the whole year, this should give them enough of an advantage to bring the title home safely, eventually already after the first race on Saturday afternoon. “But in motor racing, nothing can be taken for granted”, Austrian team principle Walter Lechner is adamant.  “The opposition in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup is always very strong, so we know we have to show our highest level of performance again to make sure nothing goes wrong.”

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