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Lechner Racing Porsche Supercup

Hot Weekend for BWT Lechner Racing at Hungaroring – Class Victory for Misslin

It was a hot weekend for Lechner Racing at the Hungaroring near Budapest with temperatures above 30 degrees  and equally hot fights on track. In the fourth race of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup 2021,  BWT Lechner Racing drivers Ayhancan Güven and Dylan Pereira paid the price for track limit infringements in qualifying, facing a difficult race situation from P5 and P7 on the grid. A five lap Safety Car period at the very beginning due to an accident of Christoph Zöchling didn´t make it easier for them, as the time to make up ground was significantly shortened.

Turkish Porsche Junior Güven kept his position after the re-start, pushing hard to get by Florian Latorre and Jaxon Evans ahead of him, but could not find a gap in the end. “I gave it all, I was clearly faster, the speed was absolutely there, but there was just no chance without risking a crash”, he stated. “And this was not something I wanted to do, I had to score points for the team for the championship, so I had to be content with where is were.” Which was P5 on track, but became P4 after winner Marvin Klein was disqualified due to a breach of the Technical Regulations discovered in final scrutineering.

Dylan Pereira lost two places in the usual midfield mess after the start, and then things turned even to the worse for him, when Dorian Boccolacci spun him around after the re-start. The 24-year-old from Luxembourg dropped back to P20, but started a fantastic chase through the field, finally seeing the chequered flag in P12, later being promoted one position further up as well as teammate JB Simmenauer, just one place behind him. “The speed was there again, as it was in all the races this year, I could do the same laptimes as the leaders, but it is just disappointing that it does not really show up in the results currently”, Pereira could not completely hide his frustration.  

Lechner Racing Team Principal Robert Lechner took a realistic view on the weekend: “It is no secret that it is very difficult to overtake at the Hungaroring, even if you are faster than the car ahead of you, which Ayhancan Güven definitely was. But with P4 he scored at least valuable points for the team. Dylan Pereira was very unlucky to be spun around by Boccolacci directly after the re-start, but not for the first time this year he showed that he is able to impressively climb through the field with lap times equaling those of the Top 3. Also JB Simmenauer drove a good race, made up a lot of places. So again we got confirmation that the speed is there, we are competitive, just somehow at the moment things don´t seem to go our way for whatever reason. But we will take that as a special challenge and stay fully motivated, doing our best to turn things around again in the second half of the season.” 

Pro-Am driver Nicolas Misslin saved the day for Lechner Racing. The Frenchman from Team Lechner Racing Middle East drove a very clever race from pole position in his category and scored his second win of the season, also taking the championship lead in his class for the first time, eight points ahead of his main rival Roar Lindland. “I took a hit from a Pro driver at the start, which damaged the car slightly and made it difficult in right-hand corners, but fortunately I knew how to handle this”, said a very happy Misslin. “The great work I am able to do with the team, the support I get from them, pays off –  I am very grateful for that. And now the next race is Spa, one of my absolute favourites, so things are looking good...”

His teammate Tio Ellinas also showed a good performance, making it from P11 on the grid to P8 at the finish line and later P7 in the final results. Lechner Racing Team Manager Michael Schöch was really pleased: “Congratulations to Nicolas, he really showed a very strong and mature performance today. Now the whole team will enjoy the well deserved summer break, to be able to come back well prepared for the upcoming  triple header Spa, Zandvoort and Monza. There are still four races to go in total, a lot of points to be scored – and we will give everything to get a fair share of them.”

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