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Lechner Racing Porsche Supercup

First Porsche Supercup Victory for Dylan Pereira – but no Points in Chaotic Race

Dylan Pereira from Team MOMO Megatron Lechner Racing won his first race in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup ever at Hockenheim ahead of Larry ten Voorde and his teammate Tio Ellinas. But due as to the crazy development of the race with two safety-cars, the weather and a special paragraph in the rulebook, only seven laps of the originally planned 16 were officially counted for the final results, and as  no 50 percent of the race distance were covered, no points at all were awarded.  “The rule says that if the red flag is shown during a safety-car period, the laps driven under the safety car do not count, the last completed lap before the safety car came out defines the final classification”, team principal Water Lechner explained.

So what first seemed to have looked like a terrible day for reigning Supercup Champion Michael Ammermüller from BWT Lechner Racing, in the end turned out to be not such a big drama: He got kicked out of the race with no fault whatsoever of his own. Having  made a good start from P3, he seemed to be on a safe second place behind Pereira, when behind him Larry ten Voorde and Mikel Pedersen, fighting each other, both completely missed their braking points, the Dane then crashing into him. “I was really down first, because I was sure I might have even taken back the championship lead today and now it looked as if I would lose do many points... But now with nobody scoring at all, it is not so bad. But I have to say I was quite unhappy today before the crash with Larry´s driving style. Twice he hit me from behind, bent my exhaust – it was just too much.”

Following the crash, the first safety-car came out, reducing Pereiras four-second lead to zero.  Together with the re-start at lap eight, the rain came in and the 21-year-old from Luxembourg hit it first, going straight at the hairpin and dropping back to sixth. But more havoc in the midfield and increasing rain brought the saftey-car back out again immediately and finally saw the race red-flagged at lap 12. “Of course I am happy now that this rule gave me back my win”, Pereira nearly could not believe his fate. “I was so disappointed after I went off.  I already braked earlier than usual, but it was not enough...  I know I was lucky now – but a win is a win...”

What was good for Pereira and Ammermüller was bad for his BWT Lechner Racing teammate Julien Andlauer, who had thought to be able to extend his championship lead with what looked like a third place then turned out to be a fourth, “but what hurts me most of course is that there are no points. But I have to live with it – that´s racing.”

Al Faisal Al Zubair from Team Lechner Racing Middle East ended up in P8, just one place ahead of Leon Köhler, both showing a very strong performance under the extremely difficult conditions. Saul Hack was still classified as 19th, but was one of the drivers who crashed just after the re-start due to aquaplaning.

“It is a bit of a strange feeling to have driven such a difficult and crazy race and then getting no points at all for it”, Walter Lechner stated.  “But the rules are the rules. For Dylan and Michael it was good, for Julien it was bad... But we know these things can happen in racing. Until his off, Dylan drove a very strong weekend, him and Tio finishing so high up should also be a push for our  MOMO Megatron team. They have seen that they can be competitive also against the BWT Lechner cars, which give them even more confidence for the second half of the season, which will already start next weekend at Budapest. For us leading the drivers´ as well as the team championship at half time, of course is a nice achievement, but it will be a great challenge to defend these positions until the end of the season in Mexico.” 

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