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Walter Lechner

Lechner Racing Porsche Supercup

Crash! Boom! Bang! – and Strong Race for BWT Lechner Racing Driver Dylan Pereira

Monaco can be hard – and it was hard for BWT Lechner Racing this weekend at the start of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup season 2021. Even with Dylan Pereira becoming the driver of the day for many after a great recovery race from P27 on the grid to P11, the outcome of the rather chaotic race was not what the team would have deserved after all the work this weekend.

Things looked quite good for Porsche Junior Ayhancan Güven in the very beginning when he made up one position from P5 to P4 at the start, but very soon hell brake lose in the second half of the field: JB Simmenauer in the second BWT Lechner Racing car on the way up to the Casino was involved in a collision with Dutchman Lucas Groeneveld, hit the barrier heavily and was thrown back on the track – a very bad-looking accident that caused a chain reaction with quite a few cars not being able to avoid the mess. Fortunately, the young Frenchman remained unhurt, even with his car being hit a few times.

 One of the victims of the crash was Lechner Racing Middle East Pro-AM driver Nicolas Misslin: “I had the best start if my life, passed about nine cars, and then I saw that something was happening there in front of me, but there was nothing I could do to not get involved, as there is no space at all. So my car was damaged and my race was over immediately as well.”

After the unavoidable Red Flag and a break of more than 20 minutes to clear the track, the race was re-started behind the Safety-Car for 15 laps, which were interrupted by another Safety-Car and some Yellow Flags. Güven did not take any unnecessary  risks, drove a solid race in P5 and seemed to be able to bring home some very valuable points, until he had to stop with only one more lap to go with a technical problem “that still has to be thoroughly investigated”, as Team Manager Michael Schöch stated. 

So in the end it was Tio Ellinas from Team Lechner Racing Middle East who claimed the best Lechner result of the day, finishing in P8 – and also providing one of the most spectacular images of the race, while trying to set a high jump record over the curbs at the swimming pool. “I took that curb too hard, but fortunately I could keep my position and finish the race. I was stuck in the typical Monaco train from the beginning to the end, so the only thing I could do was to bring the car home and at least gain some valuable points”, said the 29-year-old from Cyprus.  

Dylan Pereira showed a great performance from the back of the grid, his fantastic recovery race brought the BWT Lechner Racing driver from P27 on the original grid to P11 at the chequered flag, scoring at least five points. “The first thing I did after crossing the finish line was to thank the team for the great car they gave me again after a lot of work due to my crash in qualifying on Friday. And I apologized again for that big mistake”, said Pereira, who had a great start and then pulled off some impressive overtakings on a track which is infamous for normally not allowing overtaking. Whenever he had a clear track ahead of him, he lapped as fast as the leading cars, “so honestly I don´t want to really think about what would have been possible here under normal circumstances.” 

Lechner Racing Team Principle Robert Lechner admitted that “it was a very hard weekend for the team, even if Dylan drove a great race after the mishap in qualifying and showed again that he is one of the top guys in this series. The most important thing today is that JB is absolutely okay after this horrible accident. Even if the car is a complete write-off, the safety cell did its job to protect the driver. These days  happen in motor racing and they show you that you have to be even more grateful for the good ones. Twice in the last three races here, 2017 and 2019, the team and my father were able to celebrate victories with Michael Ammermüller, and also 2018 was good with two podium finishes. Today we were not able to continue this tradition, but I would like to congratulate Larry ten Voorde and GP Elite for this prestigious victory.  We at Lechner Racing will stand together and already look ahead to our two home races in Austria. We are a strong team and we will come out of this even stronger.”

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