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Walter Lechner

Andlauer Extends Championship Lead with Third Win - Pink Podium again at Nürburgring

Julian Andlauer from BWT Lechner Racing won his third race of the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany 2019, extending his championship lead ahead of his teammate Michael Ammermüller, who finished in P3, to 18.5 points. Dylan Pereira from Team Lechner Racing in P2 made it a complete pink podium again at Nürburgring, as already one week ago at Zandvoort.

Andlauer, who had already claimed pole position for the first time in the German Carrera Cup in qualifying in the morning, had a perfect getaway at the start under difficult conditions. “It was raining very slightly, rather cold, so there was not much grip at all, but my start worked out really well.” The tricky conditions caused two safety car periods, as quite a few cars had gone off, but that was not the main problem for the French Porsche Junior. “I lost the front lip of the car quite early in the race, probably I hit the curbs a bit too hard in the chicane. So I got a lot of understeer. Especially on a slightly damp track this makes the car very difficult to drive, but somehow I managed to hang out there in front and bring my victory home.”

Michael Ammermüller, starting from P2, kept his second position for more than half of the race, but then Dylan Pereira put him under a lot of pressure. With about four laps to go, the 21-year-old from Luxembourg squeezed through, but when he later also tried to pass Andlauer who resisted, contact occurred with Ammermüller, who had already completely closed up again and was side-by-side. “I thought it was quite a harsh action between teammates, and I was actually lucky I did not had to retire, as my steering was damaged and has to be changed”, said the 33-year-old. “But he came to me directly after the race and apologized, so let´s put it behind us.” Pereira explained: “All this were very close fights, I had the feeling I was just a little bit faster... There was no purpose in it at all, but I am really sorry it happened.”

Pereira’s Lechner Racing teammate JB Simmenauer  after a rather disappointing qualifying had to start from P15, but made up for it with a decent race performance, finishing finally in P8 and even keeping long time championship favourite Larry ten Voorde behind him. The Dutchman had dropped quite far back after a collision with his teammate Igor Walilko, gained a few positions back, but found no way past JB: “We had some really hard fights in the midfield, but this time I had the better of it most of the time. I am glad that after qualy I was able to show some performance now, as I was not content with myself at all in the morning,” the French youngster stated.

“Even if it was a bit nerve wrecking to watch our drivers fight so closely from the pitwall, the final outcome of course is a great result again”, team principal Walter Lechner, who gave a good shower of champagne to his three drivers on the podium, was happy afterwards. “Julien did a great job keeping the lead with his slightly damaged car.  We had a bit of a conversation about the incident between Dylan and Michael, as our internal policy was always clear: No team orders, but also no overtaking with the risk of somebody going off. I hope everybody got it now and it will not happen again.”

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