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Set for success – Lechner in the Supercup

The troops of Walter Lechner are at the start in the 2013 Supercup with two teams running altogether four cars. The driver line up for the champion team of the last years consists of the rookies Clemes Schmid and Markus Pommer as well as the old hands Michael Ammermüller, Stefan Rosina and Jeroen Bleekemolen. All five pilots will take a seat behind the new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup of Lechner Racing.

“Although we are the champions team of the last years during the era of the Porsche 997, the 2013 season will be a year of reformation for my crew”, Walter Lechner starts to explain the aims of the most successful team of the past eight years for the new season in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. “We were able to line up an interesting troop with a huge potential from many points of view”, Walter Lechner characterizes his drivers. “On my bill, Michael Ammermüller driving his second season in Cup is a clear candidate for podium finishes. Although Clemens Schmid is a rookie in the Supercup, he is quite experienced with the cup Porsche and should be able to manage top-10 result, while Markus Pommer is a highly talented young gun who will make his way in motorsports.” Jeroen Bleekemolen is expected to collect valuable points for the team standings of the championship as well as being a kind of support and teacher for the young drivers of the team.

Car-sharing – Bleekemolen and Rosina

The manning of the car with the #4 is quite unusual but nevertheless practicable. As a motorsportive car-sharing project, the two Supercup old-hands Stefan Rosina and the two-fold champion Jeroen Bleekemolen will rotate behind the steering wheel of one of the Lechner Porsche. “Because of my obligations in endurance racing I can’t compete in all rounds of the championship”, explains Jeroen Bleekemolen at the edge of the Supercup test in Barcelona. “However, I will be at the start for Lechner Racing in six races for the championship”, the eleven-fold Supercup race winner describes his plans for the upcoming season. “It’s great to have a two-fold Supercup Champion in the team”, Walter Lechner bows in front of Jeroen Bleekemolen. “He will give us some confidence and he will be a great help for the team during its process of reformation.” As a substitution for the Netherlander the Slovak Stefan Rosina will be at the start for the team from Salzburg at the season opener of the championship in Barcelona. “However, it’s still open if Stefan will also replace Jeroen at his schedule conflict at the Nürburgring round”, so team Principal Walter Lechner.

Michael Ammermüller – An important year

The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup is run under the entry of the cadre Lecher Racing. Alongside Bleekemolen it will be the former Formula 1 test driver Michael Ammermüller who goes through his second cup year with the car carrying the #3. “It will be a very important season for him”, says team boss Walter Lechner. “Decisive in terms of the development of his career as a professional race driver and furthermore, if he is able to establish within the top group of candidates for race wins and the title of this hard fought championship.”

A chance for the talents – Schmid and Pommer

“Markus (Pommer) is still unspoiled”, Walter Lechner comes up with striking words about the 22-year-old talent in his team. “He is really inexperienced with the 997, but because of that he is also open minded for a new approach to the brand new Cup car”, Lechner explains and ads, “furthermore he is used to brake with his left foot from his times in the Formula classes.” The young man from Germany will be at the start alongside the Austrian Clemens Schmid in the second team named Lechner Racing Academy from Bahrain. “Markus will get all the time he needs to develop and collect experience”, says Lechner, who is convinced about the former Formula 2 pilot since the test days in Barcelona. “Schmid is the second Supercup-rookie in our team of youngsters. However, he is everything else but new to the Porsche Cups”, Lechner reminds that “Clemens works together with us already for 18 month now, coming into the Supercup as the reigning champion of the Carrera Cup Challenge Middle East, were he did altogether already 26 races.” The expectations of the team boss about the men from Austria are high. “He is able to claim top-10 finishes as well as to provide surprises in the qualifying or races from time to time!”

Walter Lechner – Clear words

Typical for the 63-year-old Austrian are primarily his clear words. Talking big is not the thing of the men who according to his own words can’t live without motorsports. “I need the sound of the engines which has become the hobby of my live years ago already – and one shouldn’t give up his hobbies”, he says. “What do you think I have been standing at the race track six hours every day at the Barcelona test, watching my drivers and their opponents?” he laughs. “That’s the only way to find out what a driver is able to do and which driver needs further support of the team. In my opinion only taking a look at the results of the sessions is not enough.”

With clear words the men who claimed four driver championships and four team titles in the last eight years of the Supercup history analyses his opponents. “In the Supercup one has to be wide awake, because there are no bad teams at all. All of our rivals are strong, what makes the difference is the competitiveness in the hard fought championship. That’s the reason why every small detail is important.” The opinion of the Austrian about the champions itself is quite clear as well. “With the Supercup, Porsche has built a perfect racing platform in which the requirements for all teams are the same because of the strict and severe controls. With that the abilities of the drivers are quite important for success. The driver’s part of the success is about 70% and only the rest belongs to the team and its engineering.” -sn

Walter Lechner
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